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Overview of the Party Wall Act

Since the Party Wall (etc) Act 1996 came in to power a building owner who plans to carry out certain types of work that affects the party wall needs to notify their adjoining owner and ensure that he follows the procedures set out in the Act. Whilst on the face of it this may not seem that daunting, the Party Wall Act has added thousands of pounds of unexpected costs to many building projects in the UK.

What the Act states is that if you plan to affect a party structure (i.e. a party wall, or a floor separating flats for example), or if you plan to build on the boundary line with another property, or excavate near to it, then you need to notify your neighbour.

The Act stipulates exactly what information constitutes a valid notice and how far in advance of the works starting each type of work has to be notified to the adjoining owner. These notices are known as Party Wall Notices.

On the notice the adjoining must be given the option to confirm whether or not they consent to the works, or whether they dissent to the work. In the event that they consent, you can simply continue with your project. However, if they dissent, you and your owner will need to appoint surveyors to prepare a Party Wall Award (sometimes called a Party Wall Agreement).

It is important to point out that it is very common for extensions, especially on terrace properties, to require party wall actions.

What We Do

We provide a full Party Wall Surveyor service carried our by an RICS Chartered Building Surveyor with experience in carrying out and agreeing Party Wall Awards.

Our service includes identifying works that are covered by the Act, preparing and issuing notices to your adjoining owners, carrying out schedules of condition, and preparing the Party Wall Award.

We work with you to ensure that your project is as smooth as possible and the earlier problems like party wall issues are identified the better. If you are at all unsure, or if you want to know more, then please contact us using the button below.
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Why choose us

Our team consists of Chartered Surveyors and architectural drafters who between them have submitted hundreds of planning applications for a variety of projects to local authorities across London and the South East of England.

We are knowledgable about the planning process and can guide you on exactly what application(s) you need to submit in order to comply with planning law.

We use the latest CAD software and our drafters produce drawings to the highest standards, and we aim to get your drawings to you for review as quickly as we can to save you time.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly service that is tailored to suit you and your project.

We welcome your enquiry and look forward to working with you.